Today, I thought of sharing about creativity. What is creativity?

Well, one way to describe it is that it is the main ingredient or flavor in all things we cook up in life, just like salt. Another way to talk about it is, that it is the way we express our God-given potential to manifest the Creator. If something we are doing is missing creativity, it is like eating your lunch without the taste of salt in your food. Life without creativity often leaves us in a boring game-zone where we cannot find the next level to move up to. Creativity should be in the foundation of everything we do or think of in our day-to-day life.

The author of our life, the creator has created us creatively to be creative beings. So there is no escape for us from being creative in every situation or in all things we do. We were originally made in a way that we don’t lack creativity whether we are a movie star working in movies, an artist painting his own reality on the canvas or an engineer making the blueprint of a bridge. Creativity has to be the center of attraction!!! It is nearly impossible to pursue the purpose of our life without an innovative mind. 

When I think of the whole scenario of creativity and how we can improve the world around us through our creativity, my mind often leads me to these very few questions: But what is wrong with us? Why are we lacking creativity? Are we really lacking creativity? Or is it our lack of willingness that interrupts us to think outside the box? 

There are solutions to the problems in our lives and in the world around us if we can start exercising our minds to think creatively to come up with innovative ideas that can bring a resolution to our problems. But a lot of us are either lazy or stuck in the traditional ways of thinking which rob us of our creativity and sabotages the possible growth.

A great lie we often speak out from our mouth is, “I’m not creative enough”.  By declaring this kind of proclamation over our lives, we are diminishing our God-given potential within ourselves.

We all have been taught that hard work is the leading way to a successful life. But I say that it is only partially true if our interpretation of the concept of hard working is physically wearing ourselves out. There is a grandma saying – “You can work really hard all day but end up getting nothing done”. That is very true and a great lesson!!! We can physically work very hard and may never achieve our life goals. That is why we need to begin thinking outside the box. We must work hard in our creative thinking not just physically. There could be a solution to our poverty situation, family problems, education etc. if we had allowed ourselves to think creatively.

Look at what all we have done to make life better, from inventing the bicycle to the satellite in space, everything came out our creative thinking and innovative minds.

Some other factors of creativity are that we need some sort of touch of creativity in our lives in order to make it more fun and enjoyable. For instance, if we have always been receiving the same present on our birthday since childhood or the same gift on our marriage anniversary every year since marriage, it will not be as exciting.

In the end, one thing remains the same: the Creator who created us in His likeness and everything around us is an outstandingly creative being, so we must be creative. The whole creation sets a great example as to why we should be more creative in all the ways we do things.


I have written this blog to empower my brothers and sisters from across the world who have lost the aroma and the very flavor of their creativity.