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Rediscovering Purpose in the Midst of Stagnancy

What to do when we feel stuck in life? Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the whole world is facing a great crisis and panicking in “Fear”. Now, that our current generation has seen and is experiencing the pandemic of Coronavirus, everyone is greatly affected mentally,...

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Today, I thought of sharing about creativity. What is creativity? Well, one way to describe it is that it is the main ingredient or flavor in all things we cook up in life, just like salt. Another way to talk about it is, that it is the way we express our God-given...

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The Castle – Lake Bled, Slovenia

The beauty of Lake Bled drew my attention to paint this picture. We can see the Church dominates tree-covered Bled Island, which is situated near the western end of Lake Bled. Bled Castle can be seen in the background, standing high above Bled Lake. It is 18x20...

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Abandoned Temple

This is a scene from Kathmandu, Nepal. While visiting Pashupatinath, we came across this abandoned temple premises further in the backside of the main region of the Pashupatinath. With a few clicks of the camera, an Idea popped into my head about turning this whole...

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